What happens next?

Once you make contact, providing I have suitable availability for you, we will arrange to have a brief conversation over the phone. If at this stage it seems that the therapy I offer is right for you, we will arrange a time for an assessment session. This initial assessment session will be for 60 minutes, rather than 50 minutes as with regular sessions. This session will give you the opportunity to get a flavour of how I work as well as for me to gain a deeper understanding of the problems you are encountering. I will ask you about your personal and relationship history and perhaps help you make more sense of things. I will go through a contract to establish the rights and responsibilities of both the therapist and client and explain the limits of confidentiality as well as answering any questions you have. If I feel my way of working is suitable for you and you are comfortable with me, then we will begin regular weekly sessions.


Is the work confidential?

Yes. There are limits to this under the law and in circumstances where a person is at risk of harm, which we would discuss at the start of your assessment session. I have regular supervision with a qualified supervisor, with whom I discuss my work, but identifying details about the client are withheld. Regular supervision is good practice for therapists and a requirement of BACP and COSRT, whose ethical framework and principles I adhere to.

My full privacy policy can be found here


Can I come without a partner?

Yes. I work with individuals if the main focus of the work is relationship difficulties or sexual problems. However, if you are in a relationship, I would encourage you to bring your partner along. Although it may seem that the ‘problem’ is located within one partner, it is usually ‘a couple problem’ and is often best treated with you both involved in the counselling.


Do I have to do anything before I come?

No, although you might want to think about what you want to achieve from counselling and what may have led you to seek help.


How long will I need to come for?

That depends on what you want. We can discuss this in your assessment session. Clients frequently begin counselling wanting to have an end in sight, but often during the process of counselling the presenting problem gives way to deeper, more unconscious issues that we may decide to focus on.
If you would prefer short-term counselling, this is also a possibility and we can review the work at intervals.


Do you work with LGBT clients?

Yes, I work with adults experiencing sexual and/or relationship difficulties, regardless of sexual orientation and gender identification. My practice promotes equality, diversion and inclusion.


What happens in a sex therapy session?

Psychosexual therapy is a talking therapy. You will not have any physical or medical examinations. It may be recommended that you also visit your GP or another medical practitioner to have some medical investigations, such as blood tests, in case there is an underlying medical problem.


Do you have special training?

Yes, I trained at The Tavistock Centre for Couple Relationships (TCCR), now called Tavistock Relationships, a centre of excellence for accredited training and research in couple relationships. I undertook a rigorous 5-year professional counselling and psychotherapy training of the highest standards, specialising in couple relationships and sexual problems. Please see the ‘About’ page for more details.


Are you accredited?

Yes. I am accredited with both the BACP (British Association for Counselling & Psychotherapy) and COSRT (College of Sexual and Relationship Therapists). This means that I have achieved a substantial level of training and experience. My level of membership gives the highest level of protection for the public as I have met and must continue to meet rigorous standards and I am certified on an annual basis.


How much do sessions cost?

Fees are the same for couples and individuals and cost £70 for 50 minutes on weekdays between the hours of 9am and 5pm. Outside of those hours, weekday sessions cost £80 and weekend sessions cost £90. Initial consultation sessions are the same fee, but are for 60 minutes.


Why do I need to pay for missed appointments?

It may feel difficult to pay for a session that you are unable to use. However, it is important as the therapeutic process requires a regular commitment that you can rely upon over time. In order to provide such a reliable framework, your appointments will take place at the same time on the same day every week. This means that I reserve a weekly slot dedicated just for you. When you cancel a session, this slot cannot be offered to anyone else. Of course, if I am unable to be there due to unexpected illness or planned holidays, I will not charge you for those times.


Can I pay through my insurance?

No. I am not registered with any private medical healthcare insurers
and my services do not come under the NHS.


Do you have disabled access?

Unfortunately, there is no disabled access to my consulting room.
Please note that there are stairs.


Do you offer e-therapy/e-counselling/video-therapy?

Yes. I can offer remote sessions online via Zoom, although face-to-face sessions are my preferred way of working. Online therapy may not be appropriate for all clients.


Can I bring my child?

No. Although you may frequently talk about your children in sessions, I only work with adults and it is important that you are able to speak freely in sessions. With the exception of newborn babies in extenuating circumstances, children cannot be brought to sessions, nor left in any waiting area.



Need more info? Please contact me below:


If you are experiencing relationship and/or sexual difficulties and want help,
please email me: [email protected] or phone 07739 644413.