Psychosexual therapy is basically another name for sex therapy, but does not treat sexual problems in isolation. Other contextual factors are taken into account such as personal and relationship histories and acknowledging the effect emotions have over bodily and sexual functioning.

Psychosexual therapy usually involves a tailored programme of behavioural exercises for you to do between sessions, taking into account any specific individual, cultural and religious beliefs.

I have a ‘biopsychosocial’ approach to sexual problems, integrating all factors that need consideration, such as biological, psychological and social factors.

Sometimes clients find an enormous weight has been lifted from their shoulders when they are given the space to practise talking about sex, having shame and taboos associated with it. Psychosexual therapy offers such a non-judgemental, safe space.


Why seek psychosexual therapy?


Psychosexual therapy maybe what is needed if you are experiencing sexual dysfunction which can occur as a result of relationship difficulties, medical factors and other stressors.

Sexual dysfunctions may be described as mild, moderate or severe, but can cause significant distress to a couple or individual.


Some common sexual problems are loss of desire, difficulty or impossibility in having an orgasm, painful sex, erectile difficulties, early or delayed ejaculation.


Other areas people often seek psychosexual therapy for are sexual compulsivity, e.g. over-use of on-line pornography.  
Sexual phobias or body-image issues can also be addressed in psychosexual therapy.

You may be experiencing sexual difficulties that do not fit into these classifications, after all, human beings are all unique. A programme would be tailored to best suit your needs.


Anxiety can maintain sexual dysfunction, so you may learn techniques to reduce anxiety. Other examples of psychosexual treatment are sensate focus and mindfulness techniques.




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